Daily Crypto Briefing – 30 April 2018


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Happy Monday! Welcome to the last week of April and hello May. Can you believe we are about to reach the halfway point in 2018? Guess time does fly when you are having fun. Speaking of fun – the Crypto Market have been partying it up this weekend.

Bitcoin price corrects to $9,200 while EOS drops 15% but, the market moves toward $430 Billion market cap. As of this writing, we are sitting right on $430Bn. In the stock world, the saying goes: “Sell in May and go away.” I don’t believe that applies to the Crypto world. Charlie Lee is looking ‘to make Litecoin more decentralized, eventually, he would step away’ and just when Litecoin payments are quietly starting to catch on. Ethereum is looking to become the world’s most valuable Cryptocurrency.

Seems this weekend was full of Naysayers: Cybersecurity Expert Darnell Washington believes Bitcoin has no future, Warren Buffet says buying Bitcoin is gambling, not investing, and St. Louis Federal Reserve says Bitcoin is “like regular currency.” All that said, if women start buying Bitcoin as suggested by Alexis Bonatsos, it could send Bitcoin to the moon.

A Stanford physicist thinks Bitcoin uses similar molecular movement as stirred coffee to secure transactions; weird right? Vitalik, Ethereum’s Co-Founder, finds similarities between, “Radical Markets” (a book written by Eric Posner and Glen Weyl) and decentralization. Decentralized. Bitcoin Yeezus, Kanye West tweet sends Cryptoverse’s imagination into overdrive. Could centralized government become obsolete with Blockchain? Possibly.

Banking giant ING is quietly becoming a serious Blockchain innovator. Mastercard publishes patent to speed up Blockchain node activation; keep your eyes on patents. Blockchain trade finance is breaking the Proof-of-Concept gridlock. The public-private Blockchain singularity may be close at hand.

Canada is emerging as a leading Blockchain and Crypto Nation, but ICO promoters can expect Canada to be as tough as the US. Australia‘s ASX exchange targets 2020 for DLT settlement system. ICBC’s first Blockchain Patent is now public. Japanese regulator sees a boost in Cryptocurrency queries. Coinsecure delays compensation claims after $3 Million Bitcoin theft. ANZ and IBM building Blockchain solution for the insurance industry and Quantum Physics could hold the key to security Blockchain technology for good. Cryptocurrency trading tax drop to 19% from the murderous 45% in France. Investors from 28 countries snap up land in Bitcoin-friendly Libertad, Norway. National Bank of Egypt joins 200 financial institutions in the R3 Blockchain alliance. Iran develops their own Cryptocurrency after central bank bans Bitcoin trading. Danish ice hockey stadium rebrands to “Bitcoin Arena” as awareness grows. Morgan Stanley research says, defined regulations is the main factor for Crypto exchange when choosing Malta as their home.

Of course, the bad news continues as School district forced to pay $10,000 in Bitcoin in Ransomware attack. Scammers hijack verified Twitter account to steal Crypto by posing as Telegram’s CEO. Outraged Pro-BTC community alleges Bitcoin.com is misleading buyers into buying BCH. Can you believe Bank of America closed an account over Crypto?There is so much more going on and the only way to know is to click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

Happy Investing and Trading!

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