What in the world is Kangaroo Crypto?


What’s the movement and why should you should hop on the movement?

You know that saying, the lightning always comes before the thunder? I’m not talking about the weather phenomenon, I’m talking about trends. First there’s a big flash that catches everyone’s eyes. Soon after that, you finally hear all the noise.

This became apparent to me with the resurgence of crypto. All of a sudden everyone has it, sells it, opines on it, and more importantly tries to make money off of it. I’m talking about these online stores. T-shirts, accessories, and tons of crypto related things flood the internet nowadays. The only problem, it all looks exactly the same.

That is of course, until you stumble upon our friends over at Kangaroo Crypto.

Kangaroo Crypto is changing the crypto apparel game. Trust me, I’m a sucker for online purchasing; I know these things. I mean if the name doesn’t give it away, these guys clearly don’t want to join the masses, they want to HOP over them as they continue to come out with new limited time designs.

The designs are fresh, they’re 1000% unique, and some are even funny! Plus, where else will you find unique apparel such as the shirt to the right for $19.99 (free shipping). Unlike other e-commerce popups, Kangaroo Crypto is an actual brand, not a reseller.

The designs currently promote a couple different coins and come in different styles and colors. KC’s tag line is “How do you brag about your crypto?”. What better way to brag about it than by having it plastered on your clothing. I want everyone to know that I hold crypto and I’m part of the smart population that didn’t panic sell.

Kangaroo Crypto was founded by two avid crypto investors who are trying to bring their vision to the masses. They were tired of overpaying for poor quality apparel that promoted their shared interest: Cryptocurrency.

It is also rumored that they have a stockpile of unreleased designs that will definitely raise the bar in this sphere. Check them out at www.kangaroocrypto.com.