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Meet the Team

Alan Percal, ASA, MAAA

Co-Founder and CEO

Alan Percal is a credentialed actuary, head coach at, and WSOP champion. He spent his first three post-collegiate years working at a Fortune 100 company and has since developed an extensive background in entrepreneurship and tech startups. Alan stumbled into the crypto world early on and is now working hard to bring value to the next wave of digital asset adopters.

Nate Gould

Cryptocurrency Data Analyst

Nate Gould is a recent high school graduate with big ambitions. He has worked a wide variety of jobs since he was 14 and started making crypto investments at 16. He plans to major in computer science with a focus on cybersecurity, and hopes to continue doing crypto-related work well into the future.

Paul McNeal

Co-Founder and President

Paul McNeal is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and Veteran of the United States Navy Submarine Force. He spent 8 years building an information curation company that served Congress and Fortune 500 companies. Paul became aware of Bitcoin back in 2011 and immediately knew this was the future and that he must help others become aware as well.

Brian Swan, CFTe

Technical Analysis Expert and Advisor

Having spent almost 20 years as an analyst and a price risk manager, Brian Swan has been working within the sphere of technical analysis, Elliott Wave analysis, and Fibonacci analysis. He learned these types of behavioral analysis tools trading cattle and grains futures for a top cattle broker for over 6 years, and for the past 13 years has used those skills as a Senior Commodity Analyst at Schneider Electric, a global energy consulting firm. Brian is certified as a Financial Technician with a CFTe designation through the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). He is a mentor and coach for anyone wanting to learn how to produce usable charts.

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