Daily Crypto Briefing – 28 March 2018


Happy Humpday people! Crypto market-cap dipped below $300 billion as doom and gloom continue, but there is a technical lesson in Bitcoin. The looming “Death Cross” may become a bear trap. If you want to know where stocks go next? Watch Bitcoin. There appears to be some correlation between the two. Ads Ban to end “Wild Wild West” era in Crypto community. What’s the impact of Cryptocurrency Ad Bans? Hopefully, it will reduce the scams that are being proliferated throughout the community.

Bitcoin bull Mark Yusko is raising capital for $500 Million Cryptoasset Hedge Fund. Not everyone is so bullish. President of the Atlanta Federal Reserve declares “Crypto is not currency”; he should have a conversation with Jamie Dimon. Are Bitcoin ETFs back on the table again? If you all have been following along this year and even from last year, it’s still my firm belief that we will see a Bitcoin ETF and most likely it will be the Winklevoss COIN ETF approved in 2018.

IBM and India’s JM Baxi will join forces to explore Blockchain applications for export-import trade and logistics market. In addition, IBM’s Hyperledger tech heats up ahead of Blockchain software debut and Stellar will implement its own Lightning Network this year. I’ve been paying really close attention to the IBM and Stellar partnership and things are beginning to look very interesting. If you’d like access to a live report my team maintains send me a message, you will need a Gmail account.

Ford proposes a new system of marshaling traffic through car-to-car Crypto communications; add in totally autonomous vehicles and we will never drive again. Luxury car dealer teams up with BitFlyer for big Bitcoin payments and Canadian homeowner will only take Bitcoin for condo sale. It’s just a matter of time before more and more transactions are completed using Cryptocurrency.

Miners should always make sure that in the end, they are on a positive balance says Ami Turgman, a Microsoft principal software engineer. AMD bolsters Crypto mining with latest GPU software update. Small towns in NY and Washington State are trying to tame the Bitcoin boom by regulating the industry.

Globally, Crypto & Blockchain Working Group to Be Established by Irish Department of Finance, Blockchain Tops 2017 Fintech Enquiries, Says Swiss Finance Regulator, India’s Biggest Tax Filing Platform is Helping Investors File on Bitcoin Gains, Chile Crypto Trading Platforms Hit by Bank Troubles, Could Vietnam be the Future Hub of Blockchain Innovation, Australia Seeks Public Input on its Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrencies, A G20 Crypto Policy? Let’s Hope It’s a Pipe Dream, Chinese Blockchain Funding Center Plan Scrapped Over Regulatory Issues, China’s Ant Financial Touts Blockchain, Nixes ICO Chatter, PBOC-Backed Blockchain Platform Goes Live, Bank of England to Test DLT Use in New Settlement System, Russian Official: Venezuela Won’t Be Paying Its Debt in State Crypto, Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Won’t Support Venezuela’s Petro, Following US Gov’t Ban, Singapore, Japan Associations Sign Agreement For Joint Fintech Development, Bithumb Exchange To Bring Crypto Payments To 8K South Korean Merchants By 2019 and, Young South Koreans Remain Optimistic about Crypto, Survey Finds. Go down the rabbit hole click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

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