Crypto Daily Briefing – 22 March 2018


“In the next 10 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain somewhere”
– Jed McCaleb, Co-Founder/CTO of Stellar

Bitcoin and Blockchain, is it a revolution or a mania? Guess we will just need to take a wait and see approach. If you noticed yesterdays quote, Bitcoin will be world’s “single currency” says Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO – now Jed McCaleb, Stellar’s Co-Founder/CTO predicts how the Blockchain will change banking. Dan Morehead, the CEO of Pantera Capital, remains bullish on Crypto investments despite Bitcoin price slump. Accenture thinks the US can still be a Blockchain Innovator.

Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum investors should watch the Fed closely but don’t buy your bitcoin from a place that could disappear overnight. Coinbase will remove support for Multisig vaults within a month. Washington state county moves to limit new Bitcoin mining firms and Crypto miner to New York Muni, “Your loss,” quashes plans over new electricity rate regs. Meanwhile, overseas in Norway, the government there is welcoming Bitfury who will open a $35 Million Bitcoin mining datacenter.

Litecoin’s Litepay feature to find adoption in 2018, which provides us with a bullish sentiment. Zcash’s coming hard fork could pave the way for even more upgrades in the future. Have you heard of Waves? It’s a Russian Blockchain platform and it could be a good investment but you will need to do your own due diligence. Huawei is exploring releasing the first ever Blockchain enabled phone and Polkadot is an interoperability protocol for Blockchains and it could have a radical plan for governing a Blockchain of Blockchains. The recent Facebook debacle raises questions about how Blockchain could address such events.

Trying to regulate the world of Crypto is proving to be a very difficult task. IRS pushes back against Cryptocurrency investors, CFTC hits a wall trying to serve Bitcoin fraud summons, and the US hits buying service Payza with money laundering lawsuit. G20 sets July deadline for Crypto regulation talk and Coinbase tells Congress, “You have all the tools you need to regulate appropriately.”

Globally, Sierra Leone denies recent Presidential election that used Blockchain tech to tally votes, AirAsia to takeoff with its own ICO and Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency bill enters Russian parliament, Britian introduces Crypto task force to foster Fintech innovation, Japanese Crypto users lost $6 Million in hacks last year, say police, Japan IT giant Fujitsu unveils European Blockchain Innovation Center, Krypton Capital joins Ukrainian venture capital association, Venezuela lashes out at Trump’s Petro ban, and Bitcoin, Blockchain and “the future of money” discussed at PwC herald talks event in Christchurch, New Zealand. Go down the rabbit hole click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

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