CryptoMarket360 was launched in 2017 to provide a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency information. We aim to provide four main resources:
1. Cryptocurrency guides in 360 words or less
These are summaries of each cryptocurrency presented for the beginner who wants to get a high-level overview of a coin, token, or project.
2. Full-length cryptocurrency breakdowns
The full-length breakdowns are intended to be a deeper dive into the technology and derived value of each cryptocurrency. Most include the project’s developers, encryption, value proposition, market need, future plans, etc.
3. Interviews with cryptocurrency professionals and influencers
We plan to conduct regular interviews with developers, influencers, early adopters, and other professionals that provide value to the cryptocurrency enthusiast.
4. Current events and macro market news 
What cryptocurrency website would be complete without content on current events and overall market outlook.
In addition to the four main resources we provide, you can also expect to find information on miscellaneous blockchain topics such as cryptocurrency forks, mining, ICOs, etc.
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