CryptoMarket360 Newsletter – Tuesday, October 30th, 2018


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Crypto Market

The price of Bitcoin is $6,329.10 with an overall Crypto market cap of $203 Billion. There are 2081 Cryptocurrencies, trading in 15,477 Markets, $11 Billion in daily volume; BTC Dominance is 54.1%. Crypto markets move again with a 6 Billion dollar dump and Bitcoin bulls are back in defensive mode. Bitcoin’s downside break of a recent trading range has likely opened the doors for a drop to key support at $6,100, technical charts indicate. Crypto volume in South Korea rises, will it boost global market? Amidst calm, market can expect Bitcoin to surge and we do have reason to celebrate the bear market while it last.


BrewDog, a prominent British brewery that recently opened its 10th London bar, is open for Crypto business. US banking giant JPMorgan Chase Bank’s Blockchain, Quorum, will be used to “tokenize” gold bars. The world’s largest diamond mining firm, Russia’s Alrosa, has joined the pilot of fellow industry giant De Beers’ diamond supply chain Blockchain platform “Tracr.” Japanese multinational IT equipment and services company Fujitsu will build an interbank settlement platform using Blockchain technology as part of a joint project with nine domestic banks. Hitachi Payments has partnered with the State Bank of India (SBI) to establish a nationwide digital payments platform. The Tanzanian government has openly invited academics and researchers to collaborate in producing “favorable” Blockchain regulations.

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