Crypto Daily Briefing – 06 March 2018


Happy Tuesday! Well, I guess it’s not really that happy based on the news. Looks like a lot of folks got up on the wrong side of the bed. Harvard Economist Kenneth Rogoff thinks a decade from now Bitcoin will be $100, Nouriel Roubini says Blockchain is one of the most overhyped technologies ever, Bankers hate it, and Blackrock is predicting a complete loss for “most” Crypto investors. Wow – talk about negative nellies???

Well not “everyone” is negative. Bitcoin’s poison has spread because it keeps attracting trillionaire investors and “experts” that predict a huge number for Cryptocurrency industry, saying it will reach $1 Trillion market cap in 2018; Howboudah? In addition, SegWit adoption leads to 50% cutdown in Bitcoin withdrawal fees; nice right?

Now, there are those who think the way we look at market cap is deeply flawed and this was illustrated by Global Jobcoin’s brief ascent to $1 Billion market cap and then a quick descent back to $5.96 Million market cap. This still doesn’t prevent us from making predictions like the fact that Monero might hit $1000 this year?

There has been significant news surrounding the exchanges; so I created a new section for it. Of most importance is the new hire by Coinbase. Emilie Choi was brought from Linkedin and signals that key acquisitions could be on the horizon. Decentralized exchange IDEX hits $13 Million a day and Etherdelta is faltering. Bittrex blocks its services to citizens of non-US friendly countries.

Looks like the world of Crypto is now REAL, the words “Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering” was added to Webster dictionary. What’s not real is the Decentralized Bank ICO called Miroskii because the entire team is fake. They used a stock image of Ryan Gosling, oh like no one would recognize him? #SMH.

So as I’ve advised before – please do your own due diligence before you part with your Crypto. If you want to protect yourself from hackers, they don’t stand a chance again the new Casa Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet; remember I told you guys James Lopp went to work for them – he’s good! While that will protect you from online threats, there are still in person threats like the man who got arrested for attempting to steal $100 Million Yen in Bitcoin from an exchange.

Globally, Japan’s banking giant SBI invests in Cryptocurrency hardware wallet maker, China SEC officials say Blockchain needs some centralization, Brazilregulators move to block Bitcoin mining investments,  Austrian watchdog warns banks against Bitcoin, Russia Presidential elections are getting into the Blockchain action, Cambodia joins the list of countries that will issue their own Cryptocurrency, South Korea‘s largest messaging app plans Blockchain unit with ICO launch, Europe privacy law ready to collide with Blockchain Tech, Taiwan airline accepts Bitcoin seeing “bright future” for tourism sector, Belgian tax authorities hunting down Cryptocurrency speculators, India have had two Cryptocurrency exchanges shut down, and finally in the UAE, Dubai to launch Blockchain-based marketplace for travel and tourism. Things around the globe continue to move forward. 

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WARNINGS. As many of you are aware BitConnect have been proven to be pretty much a scam/ponzi scheme type organization. Please do not fall for their second attempt “BitConnectX ICO” to create yet another scammy type operation. The following organization (USI-Tech, WCI, and BitClub) still should be handled with caution. Engage at your own risk!

Happy Investing and Trading!

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