Crypto Daily Briefing – 13 March 2018


If it seems like it’s a boring news cycle, that’s because it is. There is nothing flashy in Crypto right now especially with the price being down. Goldman Sachs believes that Bitcoin ‘has the potential’ to drop below February low of $5,922. There will be days like this my mama said. However, there are a couple of bright stars: NEM ($XEM) currently up 10% and Monaco ($MCO) currently down 3%; both have been bucking the trend as of late.

Also bucking some trends is Stellar. Irene Energy is making the shift from Ethereum to Stellar. Stellar and Keybase announce partnership. If you think about it, Stellar has been getting a lot more attention lately. Keep your eyes on this one – if he continues to produce, it could be reflected in the price. Not only is Stellar seeing more adoption of its platform but so is Ripple. They are set to launch innovative applications called Money Tap to help speed up transactions.

If you’ve ever tried to buy Cryptocurrencies with Fiat, forget about it. There are only a few exchanges that make this process simple. This might chance if Streamity is successful. A new P2P Decentralized Exchange. For those in third world countries, Swapy is using Blockchain to enable easy access to credit and affordable loans.

Regulators worldwide become strict on Cryptocurrency Exchanges – asking for them to register; Blockchain Capital Partner says this may not affect Bitcoin. Coinbase now helps you calculate your Cryptocurrency taxes if you are a Coinbase Wallet user along with being an ICO participator and non-FIFO method user; in other words, use TaxToken.

Bitcoin mining turns electricity into Money. Miners will continue to make a profit and this drive more to mine. Marathon Patent Group have successfully launched a Canadian Bitcoin mining operation.

Globally, Egypt may be secretly mining Crypto by hijacking its citizens’ computers, China IT Ministry to create national Blockchain standards, Japancalls on G20 for common rules on Cryptocurrency, Thai financial experts support SEC regulation of Cryptocurrencies, large mining farm discovered in abandoned Russian factory, Malaysia‘s central bank rebukes ICO for unauthorized use of its logo, Solvenian city unveils Bitcoin monument, South Korea could eas its ICO ban (imagine that), and lastly India‘s Shaktikanta Das wants to have Bitcoin banned. Keep reading the news because you can’t make this stuff up. To go down the rabbit hole click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

Happy Investing and Trading!

BONUS: IRS Virtual Currency Tax Notice 2014-21