Crypto Daily Briefing – 05 March 2018


BREAKING NEWS: Just when we thought China was down on Crypto — Member Of China’s Main Political Advisory Proposes National Crypto Trading Platform…

…and just like last week, the Bitcoin bulls were running and it appears that they haven’t stopped yet; makes you wonder what caused the recent Cryptocurrency downturn. Litecoin is holding key support and could possibly hit $15,000 this year. Ripple is picking up steam and is back over $1. This might be a result of Coinbase President and Ripple’s CEO appearing on CNBC’s Fast Money tomorrow. Many still do not understand how XRP fits into Ripple’s payment products, however, if you read the news article in the link below it will be explained.

If you listen to the narrative from some in the industry, you’d think that demand for Bitcoin was decreasing. However, Bitcoin transaction volume decreases due to batching. That said, it appears that major Blockchains are pretty much still centralized research finds. This is why GOEX Cryptocurrency exchange sidesteps centralization.

While Bitcoin is making an attempt to speed up its processing time, Paypal is seeking faster crypto payment tech. James Lopp is leaving Bitgo (the company that is trying to make Digital Currencies usable for business) to launch Casa Wallet for the Ultra Rich. Speaking of the Ultra Rich, VC Investments in Blockchain companies are on track to exceed 2017’s numbers.

The adoption of the space is picking up steam. Here are 9 industries that will soon be disrupted by the Blockchain are:

  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Politics
  • Startup
  • Video
  • Education

Bloomberg funds Blockchain-based ID Development for homeless in Texas. IBM says Blockchain is really a fundamentally important technology that will change the way the world works. Intel’s Blockchain application tracks global seafood from Ocean to plate. Forget about Kitties, the next generation of Blockchain-powered gaming comes with Unicorns.

Mo Money, Mo Problems. SEC subpoenas 80 Cryptocurrency firms, including TechCrunch fund.  Wonder if Tether was one? Probably should be because Tether might still be Crypto’s ticking time bomb.  South African’s lose over $50 Million by investing in BTC Global. People let’s be smart. Prosecutors seeking to seize more than 500 Bitcoin valued around $5.1 Million from fake ID creators in Ohio. Class action complaint accuses Coinbase of “Insider Trading” as a result of the botched Bcash launch. To round out the list? Illicit Cryptomining will be the Top Cyberthreat of 2018.

Globally, Japan’s Crypto exchanges self-regulate in wake of $500 Million hack, Israel high court ruling, last week, could spark a Bitcoin mania, New Malaysian Cryptocurrency regulation comes into effect, Canada‘s Bitfarms to raise up to CAD$50m to scale Cryptocurrency mining operations, causing Quebec electricity utility slammed with request from Crypto miners, South Korean bank reports successful test of Ripple remittance system,  in the North they may have made as much as $200 Million from Bitcoin, which they might tap to circumvent US sanctions, Icelandic police are hunting for hundreds of Bitcoin miners and Belgian tax authorities hunting down Cryptocurrency speculators, Russian Vice-Minister says government needs Blockchain platform focused on stability, Ukraine‘s major pawnshop network appears to be launching Cryptocurrency-secured loans, Kazakhstan is seeing rising interest in Crypto, European banks complete first live securities transfer  on R3’s Blockchain platform  and lastly China’s retail giant to use Blockchain to track beef, providing food satety.  Bottom line – things are looking good around the globe.   

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WARNINGS. As many of you are aware BitConnect have been proven to be pretty much a scam/ponzi scheme type organization. Please do not fall for their second attempt “BitConnectX ICO” to create yet another scammy type operation. The following organization (USI-Tech, WCI, and BitClub) still should be handled with caution. Engage at your own risk!

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