Daily Crypto Briefing – 13 April 2018


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“I’m thinking $250,000 a bitcoin by 2022… Believe it, it’s going to happen;
they’re going to think you’re crazy but believe it,
it’s happening, it’s going to be awesome!” 

– Tim Draper, Serial Investor and Bitcoin Bull

Happy Friday! Da Bulls are back in town and I ain’t talking the Chicago Bulls. Bitcoin Bulls! Above $8K, Bitcoin aims higher after the bull breakout. End of tax season clears the way for Bitcoin $25K by end of year says Tom Lee. Crypto markets see steady growth following yesterday’s sharp price jump. Bitcoin price will hit $250K in 2022 according to Tim Draper. There is a massive bull run expected in late June and many are asking is now a good time to own Bitcoin?

Well seems we were only boring for a few days but let’s not get to focused on price again, there are a lot of other things happening around Cryptoland. Beyond Banking, R3 is expanding its vision for Global Blockchain and the banking giant SBI subsidiary joins R3 Blockchain consortium. Mastercard is hiring more Blockchain developers and Digital asset taps former JP Morgan exec for ASX project.

I’ve been telling folks for a while to keep their eyes on Stellar. Stellar (XLM) keeps gaining prominence and they are talking up their partnership with Kin foundation; talking about the future. There are some hardcore adopters that are dead set on Kik’s ICO. Many other projects are building on top of the Stellar platform (Check out HelloFriend) and if you want access to our live report, reply and I will add you. Stellar is not the only one partnering, Apple using Ripple (XRP) interledger as banking becomes easier with XRP and Ripple is poised for return on Banco Santander partnership news. XRP is not a security according to Brad Garlinghouse; Ripple CEO.

Moscow court blocks Telegram chat app after $1.7 Billion (Yes Billion) ICO raise and 70 Million Telegram accounts may have been leaked, what does that mean for Telegram’s Blockchain Network? SEC is getting ready for a massive Crypto fraud battle and as they say, “Don’t Mess with Texas!” Texas state securities board releases “Crypto report,” 32 companies under scrutiny. NY regulator argues BitLicense regulation boosted businesses.

I was attending an event at NYiT yesterday and Teddy Wayne was talking about China being the place where most of the Bitcoin mining is taking place. However, high electricity bills are driving mining companies to Norway and Sweden. Another Washington county puts the freeze on Bitcoin mining.

Globally, Bermuda Wants Crypto Regulation to Fuel ‘Phenomenal’ Business Growth | Blockchain Motor Insurance Trial Moves Ahead in Hong Kong | OKEx Exchange to Open in Blockchain-Friendly Malta | Vietnam Turns Tough on Cryptos after Alleged $658M Fraud | Zimbabwe Gets Bitcoin ATM Courtesy of Golix | Yahoo Japan to buy minority stake in cryptocurrency exchange, Nine Japanese Crypto Exchanges Have Suspended Operations So Far | IndianExchange Coinsecure Hit By $3.5 Million Bitcoin Theft, IT Giant Tech Mahindra Joins India‘s Early Blockchain ‘Bulls’ | Crypto Farm With 6000 Miners Shut Down In Russia For Overdue Electricity Bill | Brazil’s First Crypto-Finance Master’s Degree Launches In São Paolo

There is so much more going on and the only way to know is to click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

Happy Investing and Trading!

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