Crypto Daily Briefing – 23 March 2018


“You won’t hear us be dismissive in terms of the nascent technology because it’s real and there is something there.”
– Michael Dorsey, Bloomberg Interview

Another week has gone and the roller coaster that is Bitcoin continues. $8K? Bitcoin under pressure after rejection at key hurdle and amid fears of crackdown on the world’s largest Crypto exchange (Binance.)

In the big picture Bitcoin’s meteoric rise continues and the future of all industries will be impacted by this technology. Where could Bitcoin succeed as a currency? In a failed state. Unfortunately, US Marshalls office auctions off another $18.7M in Bitcoin; just how much do they have?

5 Big name executives that think Cryptocurrency is the future:

  • Jack Dorsey – Twitter, Square CEO
  • Peter Thiel – PayPal co-founder
  • Michael Corbat – Citigroup CEO
  • Patrick Byrne – CEO
  • Peter Hooper – Deutsche Bank chief economist

However, Twitter CEO is wrong on Bitcoin says deVere Boss, Ethereum to Rule Cryptoverse.

Google is developing its own Blockchain Tech, insiders say. The US Postal Service is looking at backing up data with Blockchain. It’s believed the Blockchain could have prevented the Facebook data breach, but warning, the Blockchain could rot your brain. (Smile)

Oh lookie, JP Morgan considers a spinoff of Quorum Blockchain division; didn’t Jamie say this is a fraud? Speaking of frauds, SEC to examine up to 100 Crypto-related Hedge Funds. U.S. plans to cut funding for Bitcoin futures watchdog; CFTC. Bitcoin-seeking hackers infect Atlanta’s computers making first such attack on the capital of the South.

Will Ripple (XRP) become the next Crypto futures market? It seems so since Ripple futures are already available and bound to get bigger. TSX Group subsidiary to launch Cryptocurrency Brokerage.

Coinbase to buy Bitcoin startup and Bitfury-backed Bitcoin miner secures Canadian land deal. This company is not playing around; they just got approval to also build a $35 Million dollar Data Center in Norway.

Globally, Africa’s young professionals embracing “Gospel of Bitcoin,” Dutchcourt finds Bitcoin a legitimate “Transferable Value,” Blockchain Standardization tops Chinese IT Ministry’s 2018 agenda and Huawei reportedly seeks SIRIN OS license to introduce Blockchain-based smartphone, South Korea wants to set a desirable Cryptocurrency and Blockchain policy, experts take, Japan‘s FSA triggers Bitcoin fall with license warning to Binance but as a result, Crypto exchange Binance moves to Malta, Yahoo! Japan to launch Cryptocurrency exchange in 2018, says report, Blockchain remittances face efficiency hurdle, says Taiwan central bank, Sweden beset by Cryptojacking woes, Bitcoin not security, Israeli regulator declares, France weighs ICO legislation in bid to join Blockchain revolution, and Crypto space being crippled, U.K. launching exploratory task force, exchange operations at risk. Go down the rabbit hole click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

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