Daily Crypto Briefing – 09 April 2018


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“We’re entering a ‘Bitcoin, not Blockchain’ world.”
– Elizabeth Stark, Co-Founder of Lightning Labs

Happy Monday! The rollercoaster ride continues. We were rising above $7,000 just fine and then Bam! Within seconds the market drops like a rock back toward $6,500; just goes to show you can’t predict the movement of this market. However, whatever you do – maintain your focus on the big picture.

Institutional Investors (Soros, Rockefeller, and Rothschild) are entering mature Cryptocurrency market; Bitcoin surge is likely. Last year I mentioned that we need to remain focused on the Institutional money because this will have a big impact on the market. Coinbase is ready to excel this as well with 3 massive developments:

  • Allowing Bitcoin Forks to be accessed
  • Creating a Venture fund for Cryptocurrency startups
  • Becoming an SEC-regulated Exchange
If you remember Coinbase is also launching an Index Fund. All of these actions are to helping to create on-ramps for Institutional Investors. I just got an alert from Gemini and they are not enabling block trading for large quantities. IMHO, I believe we will continue to see news focused on this area and it could lead to price appreciation for the Crypto market.

A lot of activity is also happening with many of the Altcoins. Bitfinex list 12 new ERC20 tokens, NEO sees a strong recovery, prepares for a month packed with events, NANO developers slapped with new class action lawsuit, and there is an ongoing debate as to if XRP is a security.

It must be dinner time because everyone is talking about FORKS! Monero hard forked to stop the Bitmain ASIC mining and that have created five different coins. However, Vitalik opposes hard fork to mitigate Ethereum ASICs mining. Verge (XVG) forks after rogue mining exploit. Democracy in Crypto is not easy.

It’s clear that supply chain is the most obvious use case for Blockchain technology. Yes, Chickens are being tracked on the Blockchain. CRM Giant Salesforce revealed that they are working on a Blockchain product and could announce it at Dreamforce. Bitcoin continues to be pervasive throughout all of society and that includes academia. Stanford, Wharton, and Georgetown expand Bitcoin business classes.

Globally, Malta Determined To Become the ‘Blockchain Island’: Regulations, Adoption, Binance Headquarters | Singapore Plans Blockchain Push to Boost ASEAN Financial Inclusion | Chilean Energy Minister Unveils Blockchain-based Pilot for Energy Data, Crypto Exchanges Coming to the Philippines in Droves | An Indian state is using blockchain to collect DNA data of 50 million citizens, India: Petition against cryptocurrency crackdown accumulates 18,000 signatures | Korea to Inspect 3 Banks Over Crypto Exchange AML Compliance | Japanese Regulator Suspends Two Crypto Exchanges Over KYC Failings | Gov’t-Issued Digital Currencies Threaten Financial Stability, Says SwissCentral Banker | The Anti-Petro? Zcash Is Throwing Venezuelans a Lifeline, Free Publicity: Venezuela Thanks Trump’s Petro Ban for Doubling Investors | State Bank of Pakistan Prohibits Dealing in Virtual Currencies and Tokens.

There is so much more going on and the only way to know is to click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

Happy Investing and Trading!

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