Daily Crypto Briefing – 04 April 2018


“This is no longer a fringe thing just for fanboys …
The Wall Street crowd and traditional old guard
in the financial world are jumping in as well.”
– Asiff Hirji, Coinbase COO

Happy Humpday! Things are starting to look up in Crypto. Institutional investors are coming…Coinbase adds another Wall Street Exec as it scales up for Institutional markets. Experts expect to see a Bitcoin rally in the second quarter and some expect a possible triple by the end of the year.

Of course, a study also show Bitcoin may fall by a third in 2018; who knows what’s going to happen in Bitcoin? What we do know is that the biggest drivers of Q1 were hacks, tax, and forks. There was $670 Million in Crypto hacks and scams in 2018. Don’t be scammed by putting Bitcoin in your IRA? Consider first the risk and the fees! Until the ETF comes out GBTC is possibly the only way to get exposure to Crypto in your retirement accounts.

Lots of adoption still coming. IBM‘s Marie Wieck calls for Blockchain Adoption, praises Dubai. UN World food programme uses Blockchain to track food. Canadians can now buy Bitcoin with a credit card from an app. Bitcoin Depot expands to 15 states to provide Cryptocurrency access to 85 Million people. Bitcoin processed $6 Trillion to date and continues to evolve into a global currency. However, this Australian fintech (Loretta Joseph) leader says Cryptos won’t replace traditional currencies in “Another three lifetimes.” EOS brings Tesla data on board? Tweet suggests Blockchain connection for Electric cars is on the way. Blockchain platform to reward users for donating their genomic data for research. Bitcoin tech could become the future of voting.

In the world of mining, the big news is that Ethereum ASICs are here, Bitmain has launched the new miners, what happens next is anyone’s guess. Intel files a patent for a Bitcoin mining hardware accelerator. Motherboard maker ASRock confirms plan to sell Crypto miners.

Globally, Japanese Brokerage Firm May Acquire Hacked Coincheck Exchange, Bank of Japan Sets Up Crypto Q&A Page, New AML Rules forAustralia‘s Bitcoin Exchanges Kick In Today, Report: Russia‘s Gazprombank to Test Cryptocurrency Service, Stealing Bitcoin in China can Lead to a Seven-year Jail Sentence, China‘s Sinochem Completes Gasoline Export Over Blockchain System, Switzerland Leads Blockchain Offensive, Swiss Banker Named ‘Hodler’ Equates Bitcoin Investing With Gambling, Messaging Giant Line to Launch South Korean Blockchain Subsidiary, South Korea‘s Capital Is Planning to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency, and Belarus Lays Claim to “Most Developed Crypto Country” Title

There is so much more going on and the only way to know is to click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

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