CredoEx is the New Cryptocurrency Exchange from BitBounce


Since their ICO, the blockchain-based BitBounce has seen their user base grow to over 300,000 with roughly 3,000 new user sign-ups each day. That’s because signing up for BitBounce is a no-brainer if you, like anyone, hate getting spam. BitBounce has not only solved the issue of spam at no cost to the user, but it also lets users charge people they don’t know a cryptocurrency fee to deliver an email to their inbox. This means a cleaner inbox and a fuller wallet. However, BitBounce reports that the most common question they get from their customers is asking how and where they can exchange Credo, their official currency.

On May 1st, BitBounce is launching CredoEx, a cryptocurrency exchange that will allow current and new users a direct way to buy, sell, and trade Credo with other owners and immediately convert their earnings into other currencies. In addition to a source of liquidity for Credo, CredoEx will improve upon some of the issues many users experience on other exchanges including higher site reliability and a user-friendly experience.

While the company is focused on continuing to expand their user base, their ultimate goal is to create ways for users to be rewarded for their attention, specifically when it comes to engaging with brands and marketing campaigns. They foresee BitBounce, Credo and CredoEx becoming one of the most effective ways for enterprises to directly engage new and existing customers and only pay when people do engage with them. CredoEx will allow enterprises to easily purchase Credo and perform incentivized email marketing campaigns and because the value of their tokens will be more readily realizable, consumers will be more likely to engage.

BitBounce says they have already been approached by companies looking to partner with them. They plan on launching an enterprise version of BitBounce that will facilitate larger scale incentivized email marketing campaigns next quarter.

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