SetCoins Announcement


What happens when you cross two of the latest ground-breaking technologies, computer vision & cryptocurrencies, in one mobile app?

Well, that’s exactly what the SetOcean team is looking to find out with their upcoming release of SetCoins, a powerful blockchain & cryptocurrency research platform.

While we believe the intention is to eventually evolve into an exchange, for now, it seems that the SetCoins app is strictly a research tool. Still, in this current landscape of crypto-frenzy, it’s refreshing to see a cryptocurrency app offering original & innovative research tools. From the looks of it, it seems the SetCoins beta revolves around two core features:

  1. Computer vision pattern recognition
  2. Direct coin comparisons, including GitHub data

Say what you will about fundamental vs. technical analysis, the fact of the matter is that right now everyone and their mother is trying to take up chart patterns like it’s the latest astrology fad. Yet despite this rush of new entrants to the industry of TA, no cryptocurrency platform offered a clean, beautiful way to learn the basic chart patterns (Head & Shoulders, Double Bottom, etc…).

SetCoins offers this but they go one step further with what’s probably the most exciting feature I could find: they’re using computer vision (or some seriously advanced math) to literally the identify chart patterns themselves:

Now turning to the coin-to-coin comparisons, SetCoins didn’t really make me look twice before I realized that the comparison feature lets you compare not only basic market data but GitHub data as well.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, GitHub is the project-collaboration platform where both developers (such as Bitcoin developers) host and share their code. A key thing to remember is that cryptocurrencies are open-source by design; this open source code lives on GitHub.

There’s a lot of back and forth debate on the usefulness of this data in the first place since different developers effectively use GitHub in different ways; however, it’s pretty clear that while the consensus isn’t there on the accuracy of a project’s pace, everyone eventually finds him or herself browsing through the GitHub data at one point or another.

Both of these features I couldn’t find anywhere else so I’m certainly looking forward to testing out the SetCoins beta. They just announced an upcoming launch on Product Hunt and they’re offering two free in-app purchases to anyone who signs up before the launch next week. You can find the link to Product Hunt here.