Press Release: Global Skincare Industry Gets The Blockchain Treatment


Blockchain and AI startup, Opu Labs, aims to optimize patient data and improve diagnoses for those without access to professional dermatologists. Ethereum-backed crypto token will serve as primary unit of value.

Opu Labs, a new AI and blockchain startup, plans to disrupt the $120 billion global skincare industry by improving the way that data is exchanged between patients and dermatologists. In order to do this effectively, the dedicated team of international experts is currently building a robust technology platform – which includes a machine learning facial analysis app and an Ethereum-backed token ecosystem.

Blockchain and skincare might be relatively new to each other; but a growing need for data security and more accurate diagnoses calls for an innovative solution, which is precisely why Opu Labs was set up.

In many parts of the world patients don’t have access to a dermatologist. The only information available to them is often marketing from skincare brands or limited advice from people they know. That’s why dermatologists are continually looking for ways to expand their reach and use their capabilities in more scalable ways.

“Consumers need a tool which analyzes their skin, recommends treatments, and connects them to dermatologists when they need them,” says Opu Labs founder, Marc Bookman. “But it’s also essential that consumers can easily and securely submit their skincare data. That’s why we decided to use the Ethereum blockchain; in order to benefit from its smart contract functionality.”

Building Opu’s technology on the Ethereum blockchain also allows the team to create its own cryptocurrency: OPU coin – a ERC-20 (Ethereum-backed) token which will function as the primary unit of value within the Opu ecosystem.

“Patients using our platform will be able to earn OPU coins as rewards for completing various tasks, and reaching their skincare goals,” explains Bookman. “Say a customer submits their skincare data to our AI platform, or signs up for a dermatologist’s clinical trial. They’ll receive OPU for their efforts.”

In addition to earning OPU coins, interested parties can also acquire them during the company’s upcoming Token Sale, which is slated for late August. Qualified participants keen to get involved sooner register on Opu Labs’ dedicated ICO website, where they’ll also find full details of the platform, technology, and Token Sale.

There is also an OPU Rewards program set up to incentivize skincare experts and blockchain enthusiasts; numerous initiatives which include a bounty and an airdrop.

Overall, Opu’s combination of machine learning AI and blockchain technology allows the team to offer best-in-class analysis and treatment options – while OPU coin will incentivize and reward patients for helping experts build a game-changing skincare technology.


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