Daily Crypto Briefing – 30 March 2018


First, I’d like to say again thanks to everyone who takes the time to read the Morning Brief’s I send. It’s an honor that nearly 500 of you have trusted me to help keep you up to speed daily. I’ve received some great notes and I deeply appreciate that. If you know of others that can benefit like you do – share it with them. Today is the last day of the 1st quarter of 2018! We made it.

Second, Happy Friday! Yes, I am sure most of you are like, “Umm, what’s so happy about it?! There is BLOOD IN THE STREETS in the world of Crypto.” I know, the red Friday selloff continues, but keep calm and HODL. There is a case for owning Bitcoin. If you believe John McAfee, his bet of $1M is still on the table. In addition, he believes Ethereum is Central since it’s the platform that so many ICOs are built on top of.

Last, While everyone is running around screaming the sky is falling, remember that Bitcoin’s most profitable use is the $600 Billion overseas remittance business. Also, Bitcoin developers sharpen the focus for future developments. The core team behind Bitcoin is working feverishly on many different upgrades that will continue to keep it on top. In addition, big banks are sending some mixed messages about Bitcoin and Ripple; apparently, they are going to start dealing in digital assets. Lightning Network is also gaining more traction so – keep your eyes on the development of what is happening with the technology and not the price.

Also, as I mentioned earlier this week, pay attention to Stellar; I have a live report that I keep updated if you want access message me. The KIN project by Kik announces gaming partnership and the results of their official launch on the Stellar platform. I believe there is a bright future ahead for this technology so do your homework on this.

Globally, Hong Kong Crypto Exchange OKEx to Roll Back Trades After Futures Plunge, Malta Watchdog Proposes New Blockchain Gaming Guidelines, Report: Korean Insurer Denies Claim from Bankrupt Crypto Exchange, Third of Brits Link “Cryptocurrency” with Funeral Financing, UK Financial Watchdog Warns Over Unregistered Crypto Brokerage, Eighteen bitcoin mining machines stolen from a property in DerbyshireChina is Still Planning to Launch its Own National Cryptocurrency, China‘s Central Bank Eyes Crypto as Possible Yuan Risk.

Take time to read the news – it will help you in times like this! Go down the rabbit hole click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

Happy Investing and Trading!

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