Daily Crypto Briefing – 27 March 2018


“I to the C to the No No No My name is NO, My number is NO, My answer is NO, Won’t pitch your ICO, You need to let it go, Unfundable – unfundable.”
– Andreas Antonopolous, Twitter

The market woes continue as Bitcoin slides again, but a brief rally may be on the cards. Twitter confirms Crypto Ad ban starts today. Even in this “Crypto Winter” where projects like Bitcoiin (yes two i’s) come to an end with Steven Seagal and the founders leaving the project, Venture Capital surges into other Crypto startups.

In the Altcoin market, there are a few that you may want to be aware of. Verge (XVG) surges 17% as funding target is met, developers stall partnership announcement. VeChain (VEN) price stabilizes, is it time for it to choose a direction? Should you invest in Monero (XMR)? Additionally, keep these 5 undervalued platform coins on your radar:

  • Substratum ($SUB)
  • ICON ($ICX)
  • LISK ($LSK)
  • VeChain ($VEN)
  • ARK ($ARK)

As you can tell by the quote above Andreas has quite the sense of humor when it comes to ICOs, but when it comes to Bitcoin he seriously believes that there are 4 things Bitcoin needs plus a Hard Fork in 2018:

  • More Exchanges
  • Wallet Development
  • ATMs
  • Education systems

These for things will be areas, we will track throughout 2018. According to Emin Gun Sirer, the Lightning Network is “Economically Broken.”

Blythe Masters’ (Former JP Morgan) next move? Blockchain SDKs which will help enterprise organizations adopt blockchain technology. Something interesting is happening with Gold and the Blockchain. Digix DAO sets Gold-Backed token launch date amid new market slide, Emergent Technology Holdings is using Blockchain to track the Gold Supply Chain with G-Coin and NY Startup TradeWind Markets rolls out Blockchain platform for Gold trading.

Charlie Lee and Litecoin Foundation apologize after the abrupt shutdown of Litepay. Reddit Gold pulls Bitcoin payment option. However, New Data show US Students, payroll becoming more involved in Crypto. As an example, in the Bitcoin work world, job benefits like pay, retirement plans get a rethink; many accept pay in Crypto.

Circle becoming profitable is a bullish signal for the Cryptocurrency industry and they just hired a Square vet as CFO. With Coinbase showing support for the ERC-20 tokens, we can be assured that some ICO tokens will land on the GDAX exchange before moving over to Coinbase wallet.

Cryptocurrency miners earn more than speculators so is mining in your future? If it is, Monero will be resisting the Antminer X3 through a new software update.

Globally, Australia Seeks Public Input on Crypto Tax Guidelines, EU Markets Watchdog Toughens Rules on Crypto Derivatives, Crypto Could Flourish with “Appropriate” Regulations, Believes UK City Minister, Demand For Bitcoin in Venezuela Still Surging Amidst Economic Turmoil, Kakao in South KoreaConfirms Creation of Blockchain Platform, Denies ICO Rumor, Ripple (XRP) To Be Available In 8,000 Outlets In S. KoreaSouth Korea’s Largest Multi-Billion Dollar Conglomerates Enter The Cryptocurrency Market, Latest Pronouncements From OECDEU & G20 Allow Fintech To Flourish: Expert Take, Belarusian Ministry Of Finance Releases Cryptocurrency Accounting Framework, German Securities Exchange Deutsche Börse Group Partners With HQLAx For Blockchain Platform, BitARG Denies Claims that Yahoo Japan Plans Acquisition for Crypto Exchange, Russian-Ukrainian Cybercrime Gang Arrested In Spain, Allegedly Used BTC To Launder $1.24 Bln, CEO Of Ant Financial (China): Blockchain ‘Is The Cornerstone Of Trust For The Digital Society In The Future’. Go down the rabbit hole click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

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