Crypto Daily Briefing – 14 March 2018


Apparently, Bitcoin is worthless, the Bubble may pop soon, according to Allianz Global. Hmm, seems like I’ve heard that before? Meanwhile, according to Market Oracle, Bitcoin Elliott Wave theory is calling for a rally toward $15,000. What could push us higher? Coinbase receiving its e-money license in the UK and EU? Square applying for their Bitlicense in NY? Could the Robinhood app accelerate mainstream Cryptocurrency adoption? Maybe it’s the fact that Circle is rolling their Crypto investment app in 46 states? Either way, Crypto analysts believe the worst is behind us.

There are some things that Jamie Moy of Forbes believes you should know about Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin is programmable money
  • Bitcoin is not created out of thin air
  • Bitcoin has value
  • Bitcoin can be used for payment locally and globally

On that last point, Bitcoin is proving useful for Asian remittance companies. Meanwhile, Hedera Hashgraph thinks it can one-up Bitcoin and Ethereum with faster transactions. It’s built on the DAG protocol and Jimmy Song thinks it’s not going to be successful. All of this competition is great for innovation. NBT incubator and Weeve, one of its success story companies, are looking to make IoT devices generate revenue.

International banking study calls centralized Crypto inevitable and IMF Chief Lagarde thinks Blockchain is “exciting” but needs regulations. I’d agree because when we see things like the airdrop of Bitcoin Dollar, it’s time to pump the breaks. Google is doing such thing in June, no more ads for Cryptocurrency or ICOs; they’ve been warned by the FBI to take action. PwC is exploring Blockchain analytics tool for tracking after-ICO tokens.

Globally, it’s all about regulation. European Bitcoin broker wants gold standard regulations for Bitcoin, Japan to call for Crypto rules at the G20 Summit, this April the World Blockchain Forum returns to Dubai, South Korea urged by private sector to lift the ICO ban, SEED Madagascar accepts Bitcoin to help people and the natural environment, and lastly Dutch finance minister addresses Cryptocurrency regulation in letter to parliament. Go down the rabbit hole click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

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