Crypto Daily Briefing – 12 March 2018


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Happy Monday! March Madness is kicking off so don’t forget to fill out those brackets. Time to get ready for St. Patty’s Day events this weekend. Ahhh – Spring is in the air! What will spring bring?

Looks like Bitcoin and the Cryptomarkets might be waking up from their hibernation period. Bitcoin price nears $10,000 again as markets battle Mt. Gox maneuvers. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) double-digit gain while accepted as payments by Germany leading delivery firms. Gemini Exchange is looking to list it along with Litecoin soon. With the Lightning Network mainnet passing 1000 nodes as it’s first official release is about to debut, will this make Bcash irrelevant? Maybe. The bigger question is can Bitcoin become a Global Reserve Currency? John Oliver weighs in on that.

While the financial world focuses on Bitcoin, Blockchain is making a big splash as well. It’s being seen as the Cloud 2.0 and some it will survive even if Bitcoin doesn’t. There is not much Blockchain can’t do but can Blockchain reduce the inflated cost of living today? The answer is most likely.

Would you want to create your own Crypto Fund? There is now a new fund platform that allows anyone to create a Crypto Fund within minutes. Thomas Reuters launches Bitcoin sentiment data feed to help you know when to buy.

Cybercriminals follow Crypto Money says McAfee but Crypto Exchange Binance offers a $250,000 bounty for hacker tip-offs and Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum) could possibly put an end to exchange hacking.

Top companies around the globe are set to start production of Cryptocurrency Mining devices in 2018. However, Mining contracts are securities says state securities division. Officials from upstate New York town seek to ban Bitcoin mining.  Did you know there is a device you can buy that will allow you to heat your home while you passively mine Cryptocurrency?

Globally, an influential former bureaucrat thinks India just can’t regulate Bitcoin, Bitmain opens repair center in Russia, majority of South Korean investors trading in Cryptocurrencies are in their mid-20s and their internet giant moves deeper into Crypto, Cardano (ADA) to be implemented for advancement in land ownership in AfricaFinnish Crypto services provider Prasos loses 4 of 5 banking partners, excessive Crypto regulation not optimal, EU banking authority says, and Japan‘s FSA terminates licenses of two Bitcoin exchanges citing irregularities. If you have time and the attention to read more click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

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