Crypto Daily Briefing – 09 March 2018


Happy Friday! These weeks are flying and there are tremendous amounts of innovation happening in the world of Crypto. Bitcoin full SegWit 0.16.0 release is fully operational and showing benefit. Bitcoin classes are coming to Chicago-area universities. Swift glows over successful DLT (Hyperledger) proof of concept. Stellar XLM for changing the future of transaction by partnering up with Keybase. Have you ever heard of Waves? There are five things you might not know about it:

  • Considered “The Fastest Blockchain in the World”
  • A safe, secure and multifunctional wallet
  • A “decentralized” exchange
  • You can issue your own tokens
  • Waves covers everybody
So again you see, there are a lot of things going on with Crypto other than the Price. There are real-world use cases with it as well:
  • Improving the Lottery System
  • Better manage electricity
  • Smarter logistics
  • Pay taxes (Arizona Bill passes House)
  • Healthcare (Intiva uses Hashgraph)

Continue to beware though, Cryptojacking is real. Hackers can use your computer to mine Cryptocurrencies. Tether is creating new Ethereum based tokens despite controversies. Regulators could ‘Take away’ Blockchain’s efficiencies says Rep. David Schweikert. However, US State lawmakers in Wyoming pass bill exempting tokens from securities laws which is great news!

With the good comes the bad. Bitcoin dropped $800 in 1 hour and plunges 25% in two days amid potential SEC crackdown or is it related to the Mt. Gox Trustee sell off? Either way, now that everyone’s bearish, the bottom may be in. Former CFTC Chair says Cryptocurrency bubble is nowhere near bursting. If currency crashed, plunge would harm its investors but not the economy. Crypto investing comes with big risk. At the top of the risktaker list is Andreessen and others who are still investing large sums of money into digital currency fund.

Crypto exchanges are looking to list more coins even as regulators clamp down. The Twins over at Gemini is leading the group and Kraken is right behind them. However, Bittrex will not support Monero ($XMR) and Monero V ($XMV) fork. Steamity is building a decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange with P2P services. Cryptocurrency exchange Einstein aims to combat Fentanyl Epidemic by blacklisting wallet addresses which have been previously associated with previous arrest or convictions.

Globally, National regulators to shut down some Japanese exchanges, order improvements, A new report says Egypt is secretly forcing citizens to mine Cryptocurrency, China is working on a Digital Currency Electronic Payment platform, Crypto exchanges are blocked after the apparent Binance hack, but they will refund users and resume trading newt week says the CEO, Switzerland is a new land of ICO opportunities, European Unionreleased a new Blockchain-based Fintech action plan, UK Medical Group partners with Blockchain platform for medical records for pilot program, South Korean seniors investing more into Cryptocurrencies than younger folks, McAfee suspects North Korea is recent cyberattack on Turkish financial sector, regulatory loophole helps startups in India accept Bitcoin without breaking the Law, in Australia, two employees of the Bureau of Meterology questioned about Cryptocurrency mining, and Sierra Leone uses Blockchain to track election results, If you have time and the attention to read more click HERE for all the articles from the past 24 hours.

WARNINGS. As many of you are aware BitConnect have been proven to be pretty much a scam/ponzi scheme type organization. Please do not fall for their second attempt “BitConnectX ICO” to create yet another scammy type operation. The following organization (USI-Tech, WCI, and BitClub) still should be handled with caution. Engage at your own risk!

Happy Investing and Trading!

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