BlockchainNews Database

Database of virtually all crypto, blockchain, and digital currency news from pre-screened credible sources. Organized in a simple format for easy filtering, slicing, and dicing.


What is the Crypto News Database?

We have created a proprietary algorithm that curates all credible blockchain and crypto articles into our database. The articles then pass through our formula that assigns categories (such as bitcoin, altcoins, regulation, hacks, investing, price action, etc.), and then organizes the content by date published, source, title, author, and keyword.

The database has been arranged in a user friendly fashion that allows you to filter, slice, and dice the content to your needs. You’ll never have to use Google again to find any crypto related article. We capture every single article published so the database is always growing. The screenshot below gives you a look at the current format on the left and plethora of filtering capabilities on the right.

In addition to the “Database” tab, we have a “Trends” tab that gives you various historical insights such as how many times certain words were mentioned such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple and how many articles are published over time. As time goes on and our database grows in size, these trends will begin to increase in credibility and show more trends. The screenshot below gives you a look at the two graphs mentioned above.

Additional Capabilities

We track and assign roughly 100 keywords to articles right now but should you desire additional keywords that we don’t already include we are happy to add those in. We can even track your competitors or specific industries that would help your initiatives.


We created a database of all the credible crypto articles that get published. The database organizes content by date published, source, title, author, and keywords – allowing you to filter, slice, and dice the database to fit your needs. The database also has tabs that shows historical trends over time such as how many times certain keywords were mentioned and the number of articles published over time among much more.

Future Additions

  1. Credibility scores for specific authors
  2. Fear Index, Greed Index
  3. Sentiment Tracker
  4. Crypto price overlays
  5. Additional trends and graphs
  6. Creation of front-end web application with database updated in real time

If you're interested in beta testing or have any questions, email

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