9 Apps to Never Miss a Beat in the Crypto Market


When you’re not at your desk or staring at charts on your monitors, you’re on the go, browsing the news and coverage of the crypto globe. I’ve compiled a list of apps to help you stay on top of the market and even dig into particular crypto/blockchain projects of your choice.

I’ve categorized the mobile apps into a few sections:

  • Coverage
  • Buying Bitcoin
  • Messaging

In other words, apps for staying up to date on market news and prices, buying Bitcoin, and chatting with project developers and other project followers.



So, on your PC or Desktop, you may be accessing CoinMarketCap and while they don’t have an official iOS app, CoinCap is a similar app which will provide relevant information.

CoinCap also has a website but if you are on your iPhone more than you are on your MacBook, then you might find value in the mobile app. This is a go-to app for me to quickly check on the market cap, trading volume, and cryptocurrency prices.


Like CoinCap, Cointelligent has the main screen with cryptocurrencies arranged by market cap which can be filtered for whatever you’re looking for specifically.

The app also has a news feed section so you can keep up with market news. The feed will not pull from every possible news source but will pull from popular ones like CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, Bitcoin News, and The Merkle. As far as I know, it goes back around 7 hours or so. At the top of the home page, the app shows altcoins that have recently surged, similar to the way Bittrex does.

The markets screen reiterates the “sleek design” I mentioned earlier. I thought it looked like Robinhood, which is another well-designed app (for traditional equities however).


If you want access to a plethora of news sources, you might download the BTCNews app. You’ll definitely find Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and The Merkle here as well but if you like underground sources, you have a vast selection.

The app has a neat Learning section where you can find a lot of resources to educate yourself including wikis, film and book recommendations, app recommendations, and podcast recommendations (but you already got those from me didn’t you? ;] )


ETHNews is slightly more focused on Ethereum and the ETH token. ETHNews has its own content and media team and offers video coverage and interviews on the crypto industry and, of course, ETH.

You’ll also find a resources section here if you’re relatively new to the crypto scene to learn about Ethereum, Decentralized apps, Wallets, and Exchanges!

Buying Bitcoin


Before I wrote this post, Coinbase was a go-to for many common folk to dip their feet into the cryptOcean. At the time of this post, Coinbase has been in the news extensively regarding a potential insider trading scandal. Coinbase was considering adding Bitcoin Cash to their platform for fiat exchange but one day, the feature mysteriously appeared ahead of schedule and with no official announcement.

I’m not going to comment on the matter because the facts are unknown and the accusation is alleged.

Coinbase is arguably the pioneer for getting Bitcoin into people’s hands and we can only imagine what will happen to the platform from here on out. I suggest you conduct research before making any decision but if you conclude that you would like to use Coinbase, here’s a post I wrote on how to buy Bitcoin.


Abra is arguably a competitor to Coinbase and has backing from investors like Pantera Capital, Blockchain Capital, First Round Capital, Digital Currency Group, and American Express Ventures. Abra may interest those of you who are new to the cryptosphere and have found Coinbase to be a problem.

Coinbase has experienced an exorbitant amount of traffic resulting in server overloads and transaction delays. This wasn’t always the case for Coinbase users and if that turned you off to the crypto markets, don’t let the FUD victimize you!

Abra has a mobile app and you can set up your account in less than 5 minutes. The onboarding process is similar to that of Coinbase. Have your bank or card info handy…screenshots below!

Messaging Platforms


Telegram is a messaging platform similar to many and has gained major usage among the crypto community. The end-to-end messages are allegedly encrypted so privacy-minded people are fond of the app.

Various crypto projects, especially those considering an ICO or token sale keep their potential users informed with project updates. Sometimes, you will find the project leaders available to chat so if you have questions about the project, you would be able to direct them to the founders themselves.

Accessing the project’s official website for FAQs and Whitepapers is always advised to do so beforehand. Participating in the Telegram chat will allow you to firmly grasp the project’s vision and feasibility as well as gauge the authenticity of the team members.


Slack is a channel-based messaging platform where you can hold different conversations with different groups of people based on a topic. The topics are sorted by hashtag and show up in the sidebar.

Slack is used predominantly among startups but the platform does get a lot of criticism. The communication is a mix of synchronous and asynchronous and unless you configure your notification settings, you’ll be getting bombarded with messages across all the channels.

The multithreading is a neat feature though, all in all. Instead of having multiple conversations in one messaging group, you can take the conversation to the topic channel it relates to. You can also reply to a specific message within a specific topic instead of replying to the whole topic and derailing the flow of the conversation.

Stellar is a project that has a Slack platform for the public to stay in the know about the project. Stellar is a project forked off of Ripple and founded by Jed McCaleb but by now you probably know a thing or two about Stellar after its recent jump.


Discord is another messaging platform but unless you are a gamer, you probably haven’t heard of it. A handful of cryptocurrency projects are holding chats about their project on Discord, which operates in a fashion similar to Slack (the channel feature mostly, I haven’t done a full comparison).

Augur for example has Discord channels for keeping their followers up to date about the project (a decentralized prediction market platform).

I purposely didn’t go into any of the projects I mentioned because, frankly, you can do a quick Google search and find plenty of insights from other bloggers or the project members themselves. I’m considering writing up reports but for now, I hope this helps!


Any projects mentioned in this post should not be taken as investment advice (why would you…) and I hold NO responsibility for any financial decisions you make based on anything in this post. You probably know what I’m about to say next, but…“Do Your Own Research,” or “DYOR.”

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